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At Edmondo we make online marketing and discoverability easy Helping you to the top of the search engines

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We are data-driven

Data-driven marketing helps you convey the right message to the right target group at the right time - with better returns and results. Our self-learning AI robot optimizes your advertising and works for you 24/7. Curious? Contact us and we'll tell you more!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • We help you customize your website for great visibility on Google.
  • We create a link strategy to strengthen your relevance with all search engines.
  • Keyword analysis: which words are most profitable to optimize for? We let you know.
  • Ongoing reports so that we can follow your website's journey upwards.

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Google Ads with AI

Our self-learning AI robot optimizes your advertising and works for you 24/7

  • Third generation keyword marketing
  • Automatic keyword generation, including longtail
  • Automatic campaign creation. Ads automatically generate with translation into over 60 languages
  • Bid Optimization for Google Shopping and Google Ads
  • Google Shopping Feed Optimization. Demographic optimization for Google Ads

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Facebook Ads

We help you with Facebook advertising with a clear ROI goal

  • You get access to a huge target group data, completely free.
  • This is measurable, and can be steered towards different profitability goals.
  • We help you reach the right market and the right target group with careful analysis.
  • We help you with tracking codes and retargeting

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Results-based marketing

The safe option when you don't want to risk budget, with ready-made results.

  • Pay only for finished results. It's a win-win.
  • We create leads in a sustainable and scalable way, so if you want to scale up, we are ready.
  • With the latest technology, we find your customers cheaper than how your competitors reach the same customers.
  • Completely performance-based model - don't take a chance with your marketing budget.

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Se Möbler
Mr Charles
Save by Solar
Tace Bar
Kosta Outlet

“We contacted Edmondo because we needed help building a new website and starting advertising on Google. Edmondo reports monthly and suggests improvements. We have been very pleased with their personal relationship and results.”

Anders Kiel
Anders Kiel
CEO, ANK Cranes

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