Frequently asked questions

We always expect to be up and running in 14 days from making an agreement with you.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

  • We help you customize your website for great visibility on Google.
  • We create a link strategy to strengthen your relevance with all search engines.
  • Keyword analysis: which words are most profitable to optimize for? We let you know.
  • Ongoing reports so that we can follow your website's journey upwards.

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Google Ads with AI

Our self-learning AI robot optimizes your advertising and works for you 24/7

  • Third generation keyword marketing
  • Automatic keyword generation, including longtail
  • Automatic campaign creation. Ads automatically generate with translation into over 60 languages
  • Bid Optimization for Google Shopping and Google Ads
  • Google Shopping Feed Optimization. Demographic optimization for Google Ads

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Facebook Ads

We help you with Facebook advertising with a clear ROI goal

  • You get access to a huge target group data, completely free.
  • This is measurable, and can be steered towards different profitability goals.
  • We help you reach the right market and the right target group with careful analysis.
  • We help you with tracking codes and retargeting

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Results-based marketing

The safe option when you don't want to risk budget, with ready-made results.

  • Pay only for finished results. It's a win-win.
  • We create leads in a sustainable and scalable way, so if you want to scale up, we are ready.
  • With the latest technology, we find your customers cheaper than how your competitors reach the same customers.
  • Completely performance-based model - don't take a chance with your marketing budget.

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