Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook is a very cost effective way to reach potential customers. By targeting your advertising to audiences that show interest in what you offer, you can reach people you have never reached before. Advertising on Facebook has many benefits, including that:

  • It is cost effective and cheap compared to other advertising.
  • You get access to a huge target group data - completely free.
  • It is measurable and can be steered towards different profitability goals.
  • You only pay per click.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook as a digital marketing channel has grown enormously in recent years and is today a very lucrative form of advertising. You can use Facebook ads to reach out with promotional offers to your existing customers and fans, their friends, people with similar interests or competitors' fans. By advertising in the middle of the news feed, you easily capture the user's attention and you are seen in a very relevant place in the feed. Facebook's dynamic ads are one of the most effective methods to achieve results on your site.

This is what we do with marketing on Facebook

We work in a structured way with the latest technology to take your advertising on Facebook to new levels. This is what a collaboration can look like.

  • What do we want to achieve with the campaign? To do as good a job as possible, we want to know what you want to achieve for goals, how big the budget should be and which target groups we should reach. Our analysts will help you with just this for optimal results. Execution. We develop a structure and design ads that will engage the recipient.
  • Development. During the work, we continuously challenge the design of the campaigns to ensure that the set goals are exceeded. This is then reflected in the monthly report you receive.

Do you want to succeed with your campaigns by working goal-oriented with advertising on Facebook? Get in touch with us at Edmondo!

What makes Edmondo unique?

By using AI, we analyze all the data that Facebook has available to create results in an optimal way. This will help you stand out and reach your customers in a way that traditional advertising does not come close to. We at Edmondo are proud to be at the forefront of technical solutions and always evaluate the latest technology to see if it would help our customers reach their goals.

Any questions?

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