Results-based marketing

Your partner for performance-based marketing

As a partner, we contribute with deep knowledge on all the leading platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google. We often achieve success through innovative solutions that the rest of the industry has not paid attention to. After identifying groundbreaking technologies for customer conversion, sales and growth, we help you implement the winning strategy. With a performance based approach, you only pay for finished results. That way, you can be sure of getting guaranteed results for your marketing budget.

How do we achieve results?

By using our uniquely designed strategies and technical aids for the various platforms, we achieve better results than your competitors. A combination of experience and the latest technology gives us the edge when it comes to analyzing data and then drawing the conclusions that lead to finished customers. With AI as our biggest competitive advantage, we are able to achieve stronger results.

Benefits of performance based marketing

For our customers, this model is a win-win in that you can be sure that the allocated market budget achieves its result. You only pay for the desired conversion goal, which creates a guaranteed customer satisfaction with you as a company. Instead of taking a chance on other strategies, you only buy a finished result. It will also be easier to have a flexible budget as what you buy at the end of the day are ready-made results.

Our revenue in the performance-based model comes mainly from performance-based marketing, so-called affiliate marketing. Simply put, an affiliate is a site or app that publishes and aggregates marketing materials and then receives compensation for the traffic that is forwarded to the stores. The compensation is linked to a conversion on the site, for example a click, filling in a contact form or a purchase in the store. Through our network of sites, our innovative tools and our experience in the industry, we succeed in meeting the right customers with the right products.

Any questions?

Read more here about the questions we often get from our customers.