SEO - Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

55 million googlings are done daily, in Sweden alone.

The customer's journey almost always begins on Google, so that your business is visible is therefore one of the most important marketing measures you can do. Here we are experts. This is where search engine optimization comes into play. SEO (English for search engine optimization) is the work you do on your website so that Google, Bing and other search engines can easily find your website and show it in the results when someone searches for products or services that you offer. When you are seen in the right way, it means that more visitors find you and you can get more business. This makes Google a very profitable channel for your marketing and search engine optimization one of the most important tools in your digital marketing strategy.

What do we do?

An SEO optimization always starts with a thorough analysis, what keywords should you focus on in the construction and development of your website? What are your customers looking for? After our thorough analysis which is carried out with the latest technical tools, we have the answers.

How is your site structured? We go in depth through the structure of your website. We look at both the technical aspects and the structure of the text content. The fact that your site is fast and correctly structured with textual content largely affects the outcome you will have with the various search engines.

Linking strategy creates relevance

The fact that other websites link to you determines how relevant Google and other search engines consider you to be. Stronger link power means better placement in the search field. Our experienced analysts develop a linking strategy that helps you show the search engines that you are relevant online.


Being able to easily interpret the results of the work done is a must. Every month we send detailed reports and suggestions on how your website can perform even better with Google. Being able to easily follow the result per tucked-in krona is one of our biggest responsibilities, and to continuously improve that result we see as our raison d'être.

Any questions?

Read more here about the questions we often get from our customers.